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"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The only way to succeed, is

always to try one more time." - Thomas A. Edison

Hailing from Columbia, MD, Maria has always had a love for fashion and makeup.


Initially, Maria thought she would be a lawyer, so she went to college and studied Sociology and Criminal Justice at Alabama A&M University. Maria graduated in 2008 and she always knew she wanted to be an influence in the lives of others.


Maria soon realized that she developed a strong passion for makeup. She found herself always looking at makeup/beauty on the internet and in the makeup section of department and drug stores. Maria was always trying different makeup looks on herself trying to perfect her everyday look. At first she thought it would just be a hobby, something she did only for herself. She never thought of being an actual makeup artist. One night while praying, it came to her that she should actually pursue makeup artistry.

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Maria began searching for online makeup/cosmetology schools, and that's when she came across QC Makeup Academy. She was very hesitant about doing an online makeup school because she didn't know exactly how it would work. Maria did her research and soon signed up for it. She began taking the classes and gathered her friends to use them for assignments/practice. At first, Maria was very doubtful of herself, but as time went on she began to have faith in herself and her makeup ability and continued to become a certified makeup artist.


Maria is a fun-loving, charismatic person and she wants to be an impact in your life. No matter the occasion, Maria can help you. No event coming up and you just want to learn how to apply an everyday look? She can help you with that also.


A session with Maria is sure to be one of a kind and you're sure to leave feeling wonderful and confident. Whether you're in Maryland or anywhere else in the world, Maria will come to you.



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